News: Opus X Erratas & Clarifications

Square Enix just dropped this on us to get us ready for pre-release! A few erratas and a few (official, at least) spoilers!


Hello everyone, RB here! With Opus X Pre-Releases happening this weekend, there are a few cards that we’ve noticed had text make it to print that wasn’t quite right. We thought it would be best to talk about how these cards should be treated before you all start playing with Opus X.

Onion Knight (III) [10-010C], [10-054C], [10-077C], and [10-116C]

First up is Onion Knight (III) which appears as a cycle in four different elements:

Currently, the printed text reads:

“If you control 4 or more backups of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

However, the errata text will be:

“If you control 4 or more Backups and if the Backups you control are all of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

This is an important distinction, because if you have 2 Backups with the same element, even if you control 4 with different elements, Onion Knight will not keep the +6000 power. With the previous text, that interaction wasn’t clear enough, so it required rewording.

Suzuhisa [10-074C]


Currently, the printed text reads:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards.”

However, the errata text will be:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards. These effects trigger only once per turn.”

As players pointed out when the card was revealed, it seemed to be missing a crucial line of text that would otherwise cause an infinite loop, which according to the rules would have been a game loss. Once an auto-ability triggers, Suzuhisa’s ability is placed on the stack, and it will not be able to go on the stack again.

Feolthanos [10-098L]

FeolthanosCurrently the text reads:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or abilities of Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

The errata text will read:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or an ability of their Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

While only a slight change in wording, the printed text could be mistakenly assumed that Feolthanos’ owner’s Character abilities would get cancelled as well, which is not the case. It will only cancel the Summons and abilities your opponent uses.

We apologize for the inconvenience with these text errors, but hope that we can continue to improve the localization process and avoid these types of mistakes going forward. These text changes will be reflected on our official Card Search when it’s posted.

Hey… wait a sec… with Feolthanos shown, there is only one Opus X Legend that we haven’t shown yet…

Cid FFBEAnd since we’re already clarifying card abilities, I’d like to point out how Cid (FFBE) works. If your opponent plays a card that puts a Forward into play, such as Leila [6-126R], Vaan [10-133S], or even from your own Chaos, Walker of the Wheel [3-071H], Cid (FFBE) will deal it 9000 damage. But that’s not all, if your opponent had reduced the cost of their Forward to 0 from an effect, such as with Reynn [10-020L] or Tidus [1-213S], Cid (FFBE) will still deal 9000 damage to that Forward. A card like Tifa [8-144S] or Kain [9-084H] will only be dealt 2000 damage as a CP cost was paid.

We hope that you’re excited for Opus X: Ancient Champions, and good luck with your pulls!

Hopefully all this extra info helps your pre-release run a little smoother!

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Opus X Spoiler Compendium

It’s that time of year again guys!

I’ll be posting new Spoilers as and when they become available. Contents of the FFVII Cloud vs Sephiroth Starter deck will not be included as I assume they will be coming under the Opus XI serial numbers.

Opus X – Ancient Champions releases on November 8th 2019

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New Starter Deck confirmed? Cloud vs Sephiroth!


This just appeared on European distributor’s website:

Looks like we have an FFVII 2 player starter deck releasing on 28/2/2020 to tie-in to the FF7 remake release, with a new Lightning Sephiroth and a new Earth Cloud!

I assume we will see more details about this soon!


Official announcement is here: FFTCG Australia Official Announcement

Relive one of the most memorable Final Fantasy battles to date. Cloud vs Sephiroth.

March 2020 will mark the long-awaited return of FINAL FANTASY VII, a game that brought Japanese Role Playing Games to the modern era with some of the most emblematic characters ever created.

Launching alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake is this 2-Player Starter Set, available February 28th, 4 days before the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake!

– Prebuilt Deck (Cloud): 50 cards
– Prebuilt Deck (Sephiroth): 50 cards
– Quick Starter Guide: 2

– 10 BRAND NEW cards making their first appearance in the 2-Player Starter! And there’s 3 of each card (30 cards total)
– Exclusive Alternate Artwork for Cloud and Sephiroth
– Final Fantasy VII Remake Assets

Available to Pre-Order Now at your local Organised Play store!
* Final Design Subject to Change

Art spoilers for some more cards below taken from the FFTCG Fanfest (thanks to Mogpod Gaming on Facebook for this one):


Opus IX Spoiler Compendium

I didn’t do one of these for Opus VIII, I’ll be doing one this set. Keep an eye on this post, I will be updating it. Not massively bothered with image quality here, more bothered about getting this all in one place ASAP for you guys. You’ll have nice high quality images on the official site when the set launches!

Opus IX releases on the 19th of July 2019.

View the full set here!