Preparing for Events: How not to die

Ahoy there!

It’s been a while. I’d been planning to get this article at least started before I went on holiday to Japan (I competed in the Lightning Crystal Cup and did absolutely terrible due to lack of practice and sleep AMA), but that didn’t happen due to that pesky blight that we all refer to as ‘real life.’ However, I’m back now, and thanks to the input of the good dudes over at FFTCG Crystarium (I’ll plug those dudes until I die, Team Flat Earth represent), I’m ready to present this article that will hopefully help you prepare for tournaments (and these are some of the tournament prep guidelines that I perhaps need to follow more stringently myself.)

Usually I’d put something like “more after the jump” here, but annoyingly that bit sticks around even if you press the ‘read more’ bit? It’s kind of awkward when you see it in an actual article as you’re like “Hey Esufer, what jump? I got directly linked to this. There’s no jump. You said there would be a jump.”

So if you see a ‘read more’ bit, press it. If you don’t, continue reading. Or don’t, all good.

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