Thanks for 90k! Midare Setsugekka v1.2 – Mono Fire Deep Dive

So I’ve missed a couple of key milestones for the site and wanted to get something written to say thanks to you guys for reading the site – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. I never figured it would come this far so I thought it only appropriate to do a write-up on a deck I’ve been seeing a lot of personal success with & took me to win Liverpool Regionals 2019.

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Winter Cup Deck Writeup – Great Glacier

Now that it’s calmed down from all the Christmas madness, I figured it was time to write up my list I played at Winter Cup which I went 5-3 with. I won’t be going into the specifics of the matches themselves, this article will more be focusing on the deck & my choices I made going into the tournament. I’m happy with how the deck did, with some of the people I faced (and beat) I was punching way above my weight, especially coming from such a small meta.

This deck went through quite a few iterations (I have 16 revisions saved on ffdecks) before I was happy with it. I still wasn’t happy with the 1CP Mateus going in, but didn’t have anything else to put in that slot on such short notice.

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Write-Up: Deltascape V4.0

You’d think I’d come up with a catchier title when writing about my own decks.

You would be wrong.

So, now the competitive season is effectively over for me (as in there’s nothing big coming up that I’m attending soon), I figured it’s time to share my lists so you guys can give them a go. First up is going to be my Mono Lightning deck, which is always undergoing tweaks, but for the most part is stable right now, and has a lot of good matchups.

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