News: Opus X Erratas & Clarifications

Square Enix just dropped this on us to get us ready for pre-release! A few erratas and a few (official, at least) spoilers!


Hello everyone, RB here! With Opus X Pre-Releases happening this weekend, there are a few cards that we’ve noticed had text make it to print that wasn’t quite right. We thought it would be best to talk about how these cards should be treated before you all start playing with Opus X.

Onion Knight (III) [10-010C], [10-054C], [10-077C], and [10-116C]

First up is Onion Knight (III) which appears as a cycle in four different elements:

Currently, the printed text reads:

“If you control 4 or more backups of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

However, the errata text will be:

“If you control 4 or more Backups and if the Backups you control are all of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

This is an important distinction, because if you have 2 Backups with the same element, even if you control 4 with different elements, Onion Knight will not keep the +6000 power. With the previous text, that interaction wasn’t clear enough, so it required rewording.

Suzuhisa [10-074C]


Currently, the printed text reads:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards.”

However, the errata text will be:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards. These effects trigger only once per turn.”

As players pointed out when the card was revealed, it seemed to be missing a crucial line of text that would otherwise cause an infinite loop, which according to the rules would have been a game loss. Once an auto-ability triggers, Suzuhisa’s ability is placed on the stack, and it will not be able to go on the stack again.

Feolthanos [10-098L]

FeolthanosCurrently the text reads:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or abilities of Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

The errata text will read:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or an ability of their Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

While only a slight change in wording, the printed text could be mistakenly assumed that Feolthanos’ owner’s Character abilities would get cancelled as well, which is not the case. It will only cancel the Summons and abilities your opponent uses.

We apologize for the inconvenience with these text errors, but hope that we can continue to improve the localization process and avoid these types of mistakes going forward. These text changes will be reflected on our official Card Search when it’s posted.

Hey… wait a sec… with Feolthanos shown, there is only one Opus X Legend that we haven’t shown yet…

Cid FFBEAnd since we’re already clarifying card abilities, I’d like to point out how Cid (FFBE) works. If your opponent plays a card that puts a Forward into play, such as Leila [6-126R], Vaan [10-133S], or even from your own Chaos, Walker of the Wheel [3-071H], Cid (FFBE) will deal it 9000 damage. But that’s not all, if your opponent had reduced the cost of their Forward to 0 from an effect, such as with Reynn [10-020L] or Tidus [1-213S], Cid (FFBE) will still deal 9000 damage to that Forward. A card like Tifa [8-144S] or Kain [9-084H] will only be dealt 2000 damage as a CP cost was paid.

We hope that you’re excited for Opus X: Ancient Champions, and good luck with your pulls!

Hopefully all this extra info helps your pre-release run a little smoother!

Get any cool pulls? Let me know over at the facebook page!



Organised Play Ticketing tool now live!

Two bits of news in one day? Square Enix are trying to keep me on my toes!


Update of the TO Software and introducing the FFTCG:OP Ticketing System

There has been a big update to our Tournament Software and therefor we would like to introduce the new FFTCG:OP Ticketing System. Every User will have to create a unique Ticket to participate in any FFTCG Tournament. So how does it work?

Ticketing Page:

When you head over to the mobile-friendly ticketing page, you will discover the login-menu. To Login, you will need a Square Enix Members Account – if you don’t have it already, you can create it there,


After logging in, there is only one thing to do. “Create a new Ticket”. You can have up to 5 active Tickets and every Ticket can be used for 1 Tournament only. After the Tournament is finished, the Ticket will disappear.

Technically you only need 1 Ticket everytime and it will disappear after you used it. We only created the multiple options to register for Side Events or more events in advance.


To sign up for a Tournament, you have to provide both (your Username and your Ticket number) to the Tournament-Organiser to validate your-Account. You cannot use a Ticket twice. By clicking a Ticket in your list, you can enlarge it (to display this on the Mobile Screen for example).


So the best thing you can do now, is to head over to and create your Square Enix Members Account 🙂

For Tournament-Organisers, this means, instead of 1 Textbox, you will now have 2 Boxes. One for the Username and 1 for the Ticket-Validation. You can only start the Tournament if every Name and Ticket is correct, but the system will indicate which ones are correct and which ones are not.

The Ticketing Page is live already and the OP Tool will be updated today!

Everything else will work exactly the same as before. We hope you enjoy this change and help us to spread the word!


News: Opus XI Announced!

So this popped up unexpectedly today!

There isn’t a single doubt that 2020 will be the year of FINAL FANTASY VII, dare we say, FINAL FANTASY.

We have been eagerly waiting for this moment and are excited to share with you the first details of our 11th expansion – SOLDIER’S RETURN which will strongly focus on the beloved RPG.


A brand new mechanic with a twist!

OPUS XI sets out to be a game changer and brings an exciting addition in the form of specific “counters” that can be placed over certain Characters to trigger varied effects. This will expand your horizons through never-before seen tactical possibilities, with Characters able to gain and use new abilities on the fly or change their status depending on the number of counters placed on them.

New titles featured

No less than 20 titles from the series will feature in this new expansion with new additions like FINAL FANTASY LEGENDS II & KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV.

More full arts

This new 130-standard/160-premium card set will feature a whopping 20 full art cards for the collectors such as 11-127L Cloud and 11-130L Sephiroth.

A plethora of illustrations by incredible artists

  • Kumiko Koike (Original art)
  • Toshitaka Matsuda (FINAL FANTASY I / FINAL FANTASY VI)

The road to FFVII Remake is near and FFTCG becomes fully part of the experience!

Relive the most memorable battle from 28.02.20 with our new 2-Player Starter Set Cloud VS Sephiroth, and expand your deck from 27.03.20 with OPUS XI: Soldier’s Return to challenge friends and foes all over the world!


New Starter Deck confirmed? Cloud vs Sephiroth!


This just appeared on European distributor’s website:

Looks like we have an FFVII 2 player starter deck releasing on 28/2/2020 to tie-in to the FF7 remake release, with a new Lightning Sephiroth and a new Earth Cloud!

I assume we will see more details about this soon!


Official announcement is here: FFTCG Australia Official Announcement

Relive one of the most memorable Final Fantasy battles to date. Cloud vs Sephiroth.

March 2020 will mark the long-awaited return of FINAL FANTASY VII, a game that brought Japanese Role Playing Games to the modern era with some of the most emblematic characters ever created.

Launching alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake is this 2-Player Starter Set, available February 28th, 4 days before the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake!

– Prebuilt Deck (Cloud): 50 cards
– Prebuilt Deck (Sephiroth): 50 cards
– Quick Starter Guide: 2

– 10 BRAND NEW cards making their first appearance in the 2-Player Starter! And there’s 3 of each card (30 cards total)
– Exclusive Alternate Artwork for Cloud and Sephiroth
– Final Fantasy VII Remake Assets

Available to Pre-Order Now at your local Organised Play store!
* Final Design Subject to Change

Art spoilers for some more cards below taken from the FFTCG Fanfest (thanks to Mogpod Gaming on Facebook for this one):


News: Rikku 1-089H Banned

So Rikku got her ass banned.

Rikku [1-089H] will be established as a banned card in Standard Constructed Matches. You will be unable to include any copies of this card into your deck. For Limited and Title Formats, its usage will be allowed just as it has been in the past.

Timing of Enforcement

Friday, September 13th, 2019

This decision will be enforced at the same time the “TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET WRAITH VS KNIGHT” is released.


Reasons for the Ban

Due to changes in the game landscape, such as the increased number of cards that can activate characters, the relative strength of Rikku [1-089H] as a card has grown substantially compared to when it was originally released at the time of Opus I. Now, this card by itself allows a player to pare down their opponent’s deck, mitigating the need for multiple cards with effects that allow them to put cards from the deck onto the Break Zone. Consequently, players can readily fulfill a condition of victory that we believe should not be easy – that is, “your opponent becomes unable to draw a card.” Therefore, we have determined at this time that this card will be banned.

It has been only a short period of time since Dadaluma [4-085H] was banned last time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, given that the European Championship, North American Championship, and MASTERS FINAL are all coming up in October, we wanted to address the current situation as soon as possible, and decided to make the announcement in this manner.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Rikku was obviously a powerful card with a tonne of good synergies that enabled a pretty degenerate win condition, but imo alt win conditions are pretty fun in TCGs. I hope if they’re banning Rikku they decide to print some actual alternate win conditions for the game for people that like to play a bit off-beat.

Do you have particularly strong feelings about the ban? Was Rikku the problem? Or were you waiting for this day to come? Let me know in the comments or over on the  Facebook page.


Article Source:


Opus X First Details!

From the Final Fantasy TCG Australia Facebook:

Opus X – Ancient Champions releases November 8th

Comprising 130 standard cards + 162 premium cards
10 exclusive cards from the new 2 player starter sets “Wraith VS Knights” plus a whopping 22 special Rare Full Art Cards! Players who go for a full display will also be rewarded with a special promotional card.

As the iconic Warrior of Light figure suggests, Opus 10 features numerous characters whispered of in myth and legend and sees the introduction of the new key word “Damage”, which initiates unique text effects once a player has taken a specified amount of damage. This opens up further tactical options, such as deliberately taking damage or holding off from dealing it in the early game, leading to even more exciting late-game developments than ever seen before! Players & collectors can also expect more original artwork by the renowned artists, as well as the introduction of a new spinoff from the main series: Final fantasy xii revenant wings

泉沢康久(Yasuhisa Izumisawa) World Of Final Fantasy
浅見瑠比(Rubi Asami) Mobius Final Fantasy
上国料勇(Isamu Kamikokuryo)FINAL FANTASY XII
松田俊孝(Toshitaka Matsuda) FINAL FANTASY III
オグロアキラ(Akira Oguro)Final Fantasy IV


Looks like we have a full art Legend Squall for the box topper, and goddamn his effect is pretty sweet.

Translation provided by Byan of the r/FinalFantasyTCG Discord:

Squall 3CP 7k

SeeD Candidate

ETB: Choose 1 Character, if your opponent has 2 cards or less in their hand, dull it.

Damage 2 ETB: Choose 1 Character, dull it and freeze it

Damage 5 ETB: Choose 1 Forward, if it is dull, deal it 8k damage.

He seems pretty powerful, and shows off the new keyword that was previously mentioned on stream! The thing that I really want to know, is does he gain these abilities as you gain more damage, or do they replace each other? I’m really happy for Ice to get a useful on-curve forward, we’ve had far too many 4CP 7ks, and let’s not forget he’s searchable off of Laguna!

I guess we’ll find out about the new keyword closer to November!


News: Goodnight Sweet Prince – Dadaluma Banned

This surfaced this morning on the Square Enix FFTCG website.

■ Banned card

We have determined that Dadaluma [4-085H] will be banned from Standard Constructed Format matches. It will still be usable in Title Format matches.

■ Ban enforcement timing

July 19th, 2019 (simultaneous to Opus 9 release)

■ Reason for this decision

Since Opus 4, this card has long been a reigning presence in the landscape of this game, a card that players have always needed to be conscious of during everything from deck construction to actual matches, and it has acted as an obstruction to changes in the tournament landscape. As it stands now, the card’s strength is not so great as to be insurmountable; however, in order to prevent the tournament landscape from becoming too stagnant, we have determined that it will be a banned card.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.

That’s that, then. Fs in the chat for the most interesting 4 cost potato Earth had. RIP Dadaluma (2017-2019). He is survived by his wife Cactuar, and his daughter, Semih Lafihna.

(That puts our ban list to Gesper, Thaumaturge, and Dadaluma. For now.)