Preparing for Events: How not to die

Ahoy there!

It’s been a while. I’d been planning to get this article at least started before I went on holiday to Japan (I competed in the Lightning Crystal Cup and did absolutely terrible due to lack of practice and sleep AMA), but that didn’t happen due to that pesky blight that we all refer to as ‘real life.’ However, I’m back now, and thanks to the input of the good dudes over at FFTCG Crystarium (I’ll plug those dudes until I die, Team Flat Earth represent), I’m ready to present this article that will hopefully help you prepare for tournaments (and these are some of the tournament prep guidelines that I perhaps need to follow more stringently myself.)

Usually I’d put something like “more after the jump” here, but annoyingly that bit sticks around even if you press the ‘read more’ bit? It’s kind of awkward when you see it in an actual article as you’re like “Hey Esufer, what jump? I got directly linked to this. There’s no jump. You said there would be a jump.”

So if you see a ‘read more’ bit, press it. If you don’t, continue reading. Or don’t, all good.

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Combating burnout & surviving the off-season

Hey guys!

Nationals is done for me now, so I wanted to take a moment to talk to you guys about how I get through the event-light winter (non-tournament) season. After spending the last 7 months or so being competitively focused, trying to get the most out of every build, and spending as much time as possible tweaking, testing and try-harding, it can be really jarring to go back to playing more casually (or god forbid, for fun), so I’m gonna run through a few things that I & the people at my locals to do get through the quieter latter third of the year.

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Death Machine mistranslation!

Hi all,

Less of an article today and more of a quick post incase anyone needs to refer to how Death Machine actually works (with sources) incase it actually comes up in a tournament.

The current printed text we have for Death Machine in English is:

Each turn, at the beginning of Main Phase 1, if neither player controls Forwards, put Death Machine into the Break Zone.
At the end of your turn, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Break it.
At the end of your opponent’s turn, select 1 Forward you control. Put it into the Break Zone.

Unfortunately, this isn’t right. According to the text on the Japanese version of Death Machine, the text should be:

Each turn, at the beginning of Main Phase 1, if either player controls no Forwards, put Death Machine into the Break Zone.
At the end of your turn, choose 1 Forward opponent controls. Break it.
At the end of your opponent’s turn, select 1 Forward you control. Put it into the Break Zone.

This means you can now play around the rather oppressive Death Machine by simply playing no forwards and waiting for it to die!

Source is here:

Announcement from Square Enix:

And here’s a translation of the Hobby Japan reply:


Thanks to Eureka, Lossley, Ban, Crossmasher & of course Hobby Japan for providing clarity on this!


Deck: Scions with a side of Nachos

Just a quick post to share an early build I’m enjoying from Opus 8 so far!

I was testing this list out last night, Feels really good:

Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over!

Fordola’s also really good for dispatching Louisoix to free up that slot for your final scion backup.

If you’re thinking of playing scions this set, I definitely reccomend giving this build a look!

What have you guys built so far?

Card of the Week #9 – Maat

This week’s card of the week is the Lord of the level cap, Maat!


If you ever put any time into FFXI, you’ve definitely come across this guy multiple times while you’ve tried to move through the mid-game level caps. Now we have Maat in FFTCG! And he’s okay!

At 8k, Maat is pretty standard body for a soft 4-cost. Maat will most often be searching for either a backup if needed, or any missing part of the Yang/Ursula combo. Maat also has the benefit of turning all of your Monks into Guy, which will help against cards like Amon, Genesis, and Orphan!

There’s not a whole lot to say about Maat in terms of combos and synergies, he’s just great support for the Monk archetype that unfortunately doesn’t see much play.

You can also even search for another Maat if you just want a string of chump blockers, or you want to show your opponent that it’s useless to bother removing the one you have in play. He’s good support designed specifically for one archetype – he’s not so good that he has to go into every Mono Earth deck, but he’s not too specific that he only works with a specific card name. I’d say pick up a playset of this as he costs next to nothing, just incase Monks end up becoming a real contender somewhere down the line. He’s also a super solid pickup off of Star Sibyl, if you’re running her in your particular brand of monk deck. Play Star Sibyl, search for Maat, next turn crack Star Sibyl, play Maat, search for Yang.

Also, if you didn’t catch the link to it before on one of my previous articles, the version of Maat in Chapters was super meme-y.


Effect: You can have as many Maat in your deck as you want.

Bear Killer – (S)(Dull): Choose 1 Forward. Dull it. Deal it 2000 damage for every [Card Name: (Maat)] in your Break Zone.

Having a deck made up mostly of Maats would be actually hilarious, and I really wanted it to be a thing. Maybe we’ll get this version one day, however today is not that day.

I’m rating Maat a “Please let me beat you so I can go back to levelling” out of 10.

(Also, apologies for the lack for articles lately, I’ve lacked inspiration since I’ve come back from holiday, and there’s not really too much more I want to write about in Opus VI, and it’s too early to start going on about opus VII cards. I’m thinking for future card of the Week articles I may start looking at older sets I haven’t written about yet.)

Next week’s article will likely be something from… let’s say Opus III?


Opus VI Pre-releases this weekend

I’ll be attending the Blackburn pre-release on Saturday 7th, and Preston on Saturday 8th. I’ll post on here with thoughts on some of the cards and hopefully some awesome pulls. So far cards I’m hoping to get are Estinien L, Seifer, and Kiros – there’s a lot of the set unspoiled too, so I’m hoping for some nice surprises.