Chapters – The Primals!

So I’ve been on a bit of an FFXIV kick lately, and we’ve got some new FFXIV: Stormblood cards coming in March in both the new FFXIV 2019 starter deck and in Opus VIII – March can’t come quickly enough for me, so I figured we don’t we pass the time by having a look at some Primal cards from the original FFTCG Chapters game.

So it feels like the Opus incarnation of the TCG has very much skipped over FFXIV1.0 and FFXIVARR with the exception of the Scions. As of time of writing, we’re missing stuff like Gaius and Nael, and most notably the Primals. I don’t know how to transition from intro to article without saying “let’s get into it,” so, let’s get into it. Continue reading “Chapters – The Primals!”

Thanks for 10k! More chapters cards!

Before I get stuck into this article (that was originally intended to be 10 but I think has ended up as a few more?) I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for 10,000 visits to! I’ve only been running this a couple of months, and it’s my first time producing any content like this, and I’m glad that people want to read it. I thought I’d knock out an extra Chapters-centric article to say thanks, as the last one seemed pretty popular!

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10 Cards from Chapters I’d like to see come to FFTCG

Figured I’d do something a bit different as a one-off article today as it’s the Bank Holiday so I have a little free time!

Here I’m gonna ramble on for a bit about a few Chapters cards I’d really like to see come out in FFTCG – as an FFVII fanboy some of these cards are going to be impossibly predictable – and some would certainly need slight rebalancing!

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