Opus X Set Review Part 1 – Fire

Hey guys, it’s time to take a look at the new set.

As usual I won’t be looking at this set from a limited (sealed/draft) view, especially as I certainly have some opinions about this set from a limited standpoint.

As always, we’re gonna go through it in order (do I always go through it in order? I’m not convinced), and everything is of course a matter of opinion – if you see some hyperbole it’s likely for comic effect. For starter cards, I’ll be including them with Light and Dark in the last review.

Grab a seat, pull up a drink, let’s look at an element that certainly got new cards this Opus.

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News: Opus X Erratas & Clarifications

Square Enix just dropped this on us to get us ready for pre-release! A few erratas and a few (official, at least) spoilers!


Hello everyone, RB here! With Opus X Pre-Releases happening this weekend, there are a few cards that we’ve noticed had text make it to print that wasn’t quite right. We thought it would be best to talk about how these cards should be treated before you all start playing with Opus X.

Onion Knight (III) [10-010C], [10-054C], [10-077C], and [10-116C]

First up is Onion Knight (III) which appears as a cycle in four different elements:

Currently, the printed text reads:

“If you control 4 or more backups of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

However, the errata text will be:

“If you control 4 or more Backups and if the Backups you control are all of different Elements, Onion Knight (III) gains +6000 power.”

This is an important distinction, because if you have 2 Backups with the same element, even if you control 4 with different elements, Onion Knight will not keep the +6000 power. With the previous text, that interaction wasn’t clear enough, so it required rewording.

Suzuhisa [10-074C]


Currently, the printed text reads:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards.”

However, the errata text will be:

“When your opponent’s auto-ability triggers, put Suzuhisa into the Break Zone. When you do so, draw 2 cards. These effects trigger only once per turn.”

As players pointed out when the card was revealed, it seemed to be missing a crucial line of text that would otherwise cause an infinite loop, which according to the rules would have been a game loss. Once an auto-ability triggers, Suzuhisa’s ability is placed on the stack, and it will not be able to go on the stack again.

Feolthanos [10-098L]

FeolthanosCurrently the text reads:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or abilities of Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

The errata text will read:

“Summons or abilities of your opponent must choose Feolthanos if possible. When Feolthanos is chosen by your opponent’s Summons of cost 5 or less or an ability of their Characters of cost 5 or less, cancel its effect.”

While only a slight change in wording, the printed text could be mistakenly assumed that Feolthanos’ owner’s Character abilities would get cancelled as well, which is not the case. It will only cancel the Summons and abilities your opponent uses.

We apologize for the inconvenience with these text errors, but hope that we can continue to improve the localization process and avoid these types of mistakes going forward. These text changes will be reflected on our official Card Search when it’s posted.

Hey… wait a sec… with Feolthanos shown, there is only one Opus X Legend that we haven’t shown yet…

Cid FFBEAnd since we’re already clarifying card abilities, I’d like to point out how Cid (FFBE) works. If your opponent plays a card that puts a Forward into play, such as Leila [6-126R], Vaan [10-133S], or even from your own Chaos, Walker of the Wheel [3-071H], Cid (FFBE) will deal it 9000 damage. But that’s not all, if your opponent had reduced the cost of their Forward to 0 from an effect, such as with Reynn [10-020L] or Tidus [1-213S], Cid (FFBE) will still deal 9000 damage to that Forward. A card like Tifa [8-144S] or Kain [9-084H] will only be dealt 2000 damage as a CP cost was paid.

We hope that you’re excited for Opus X: Ancient Champions, and good luck with your pulls!

Hopefully all this extra info helps your pre-release run a little smoother!

Get any cool pulls? Let me know over at the facebook page!


Source: https://fftcg.square-enix-games.com/na/news/opus-x-erratas-clarifications

Preparing for Events: How not to die

Ahoy there!

It’s been a while. I’d been planning to get this article at least started before I went on holiday to Japan (I competed in the Lightning Crystal Cup and did absolutely terrible due to lack of practice and sleep AMA), but that didn’t happen due to that pesky blight that we all refer to as ‘real life.’ However, I’m back now, and thanks to the input of the good dudes over at FFTCG Crystarium (I’ll plug those dudes until I die, Team Flat Earth represent), I’m ready to present this article that will hopefully help you prepare for tournaments (and these are some of the tournament prep guidelines that I perhaps need to follow more stringently myself.)

Usually I’d put something like “more after the jump” here, but annoyingly that bit sticks around even if you press the ‘read more’ bit? It’s kind of awkward when you see it in an actual article as you’re like “Hey Esufer, what jump? I got directly linked to this. There’s no jump. You said there would be a jump.”

So if you see a ‘read more’ bit, press it. If you don’t, continue reading. Or don’t, all good.

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Organised Play Ticketing tool now live!

Two bits of news in one day? Square Enix are trying to keep me on my toes!


Update of the TO Software and introducing the FFTCG:OP Ticketing System

There has been a big update to our Tournament Software and therefor we would like to introduce the new FFTCG:OP Ticketing System. Every User will have to create a unique Ticket to participate in any FFTCG Tournament. So how does it work?

Ticketing Page: https://fftcgtickets.square-enix-games.com/

When you head over to the mobile-friendly ticketing page, you will discover the login-menu. To Login, you will need a Square Enix Members Account – if you don’t have it already, you can create it there,


After logging in, there is only one thing to do. “Create a new Ticket”. You can have up to 5 active Tickets and every Ticket can be used for 1 Tournament only. After the Tournament is finished, the Ticket will disappear.

Technically you only need 1 Ticket everytime and it will disappear after you used it. We only created the multiple options to register for Side Events or more events in advance.


To sign up for a Tournament, you have to provide both (your Username and your Ticket number) to the Tournament-Organiser to validate your-Account. You cannot use a Ticket twice. By clicking a Ticket in your list, you can enlarge it (to display this on the Mobile Screen for example).


So the best thing you can do now, is to head over to https://fftcgtickets.square-enix-games.com/ and create your Square Enix Members Account 🙂

For Tournament-Organisers, this means, instead of 1 Textbox, you will now have 2 Boxes. One for the Username and 1 for the Ticket-Validation. You can only start the Tournament if every Name and Ticket is correct, but the system will indicate which ones are correct and which ones are not.

The Ticketing Page is live already and the OP Tool will be updated today!

Everything else will work exactly the same as before. We hope you enjoy this change and help us to spread the word!

Source: https://fftcg.square-enix-games.com/en/news/important-op-tool-update

News: Opus XI Announced!

So this popped up unexpectedly today!

There isn’t a single doubt that 2020 will be the year of FINAL FANTASY VII, dare we say, FINAL FANTASY.

We have been eagerly waiting for this moment and are excited to share with you the first details of our 11th expansion – SOLDIER’S RETURN which will strongly focus on the beloved RPG.


A brand new mechanic with a twist!

OPUS XI sets out to be a game changer and brings an exciting addition in the form of specific “counters” that can be placed over certain Characters to trigger varied effects. This will expand your horizons through never-before seen tactical possibilities, with Characters able to gain and use new abilities on the fly or change their status depending on the number of counters placed on them.

New titles featured

No less than 20 titles from the series will feature in this new expansion with new additions like FINAL FANTASY LEGENDS II & KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV.

More full arts

This new 130-standard/160-premium card set will feature a whopping 20 full art cards for the collectors such as 11-127L Cloud and 11-130L Sephiroth.

A plethora of illustrations by incredible artists

  • Kumiko Koike (Original art)
  • Toshitaka Matsuda (FINAL FANTASY I / FINAL FANTASY VI)

The road to FFVII Remake is near and FFTCG becomes fully part of the experience!

Relive the most memorable battle from 28.02.20 with our new 2-Player Starter Set Cloud VS Sephiroth, and expand your deck from 27.03.20 with OPUS XI: Soldier’s Return to challenge friends and foes all over the world!

Source: https://fftcg.square-enix-games.com/en/news/opus-xi-reveal

Opus X Spoiler Compendium

It’s that time of year again guys!

I’ll be posting new Spoilers as and when they become available. Contents of the FFVII Cloud vs Sephiroth Starter deck will not be included as I assume they will be coming under the Opus XI serial numbers.

Opus X – Ancient Champions releases on November 8th 2019

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New Starter Deck confirmed? Cloud vs Sephiroth!


This just appeared on European distributor Blackfire.eu’s website: https://www.blackfire.eu/product.php?id=34888

Looks like we have an FFVII 2 player starter deck releasing on 28/2/2020 to tie-in to the FF7 remake release, with a new Lightning Sephiroth and a new Earth Cloud!

I assume we will see more details about this soon!


Official announcement is here: FFTCG Australia Official Announcement

Relive one of the most memorable Final Fantasy battles to date. Cloud vs Sephiroth.

March 2020 will mark the long-awaited return of FINAL FANTASY VII, a game that brought Japanese Role Playing Games to the modern era with some of the most emblematic characters ever created.

Launching alongside Final Fantasy VII Remake is this 2-Player Starter Set, available February 28th, 4 days before the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake!

– Prebuilt Deck (Cloud): 50 cards
– Prebuilt Deck (Sephiroth): 50 cards
– Quick Starter Guide: 2

– 10 BRAND NEW cards making their first appearance in the 2-Player Starter! And there’s 3 of each card (30 cards total)
– Exclusive Alternate Artwork for Cloud and Sephiroth
– Final Fantasy VII Remake Assets

Available to Pre-Order Now at your local Organised Play store!
* Final Design Subject to Change

Art spoilers for some more cards below taken from the FFTCG Fanfest (thanks to Mogpod Gaming on Facebook for this one):


Opus IX Legend Re-tread

Hey guys,

As I did my review quite some time ago now (check me out, getting reviews out on time and everything), I thought it would be cool if I re-evaluated the legends that I already reviewed this set, to see if anything changed.

9-003L Ace

Ace – 9-003L

Now, I’ve not seen a massive amount of Aces since this card has come out, but his first effect often feels like it may not be on the card at all. In the games I HAVE seen this guy do something, it’s usually combo’d after you’ve been stupid enough to block a Rem, or you end up taking a Diablos/Diabolos to the face immediately before/after the attack.

His second effect treats him as an on-theme Nael that you effectively always get value off, and all you have to do is make sure you have a metric tonne of Class Zero Cadets in your deck as opposed to going really forward-heavy. I still like this card, I wish I was actually motivated enough to sit down and build cadets. (I even have the build I just haven’t been motivated enough to sit down and make it),

Good card, fun legend.

9-014L Nael

Nael – 9-014L

Nael’s been totally sweet in Mono Fire. She plays a lot better than she reads, especially if you’ve been card counting/have a rough idea of what’s left in your deck and where you put things with Marche to make sure you get that max value hit on her. Her second and third effects don’t really need to be used until the final turn of the game, but they can be great for clearing out dead Vivis, Irvines and Black Waltzes. I enthusiastically shat on this card when first revealed, and since playing with it I’m happy to say I was wrong, and it’s a solid 2-of in my Fire deck. I still think it’s a weird choice if you play under 27 forwards though, and I don’t think I’d be going all in on the ‘Garlean’ engine when running this.

My opinion of Nael echoes my one from the set review, but I’m much more sold on it now.

9-022L Vayne

Vayne – 9-022L

My opinion on this one still hasn’t changed, I think it’s bad.

9-028L Azure Dragon l'Cie Soryu

Azure Dragon l’Cie Soryu – 9-028L

If you can get this guy to survive, he’s amazing. But don’t fall under it’s spell and start going ham with the breaks unless you know you are really far ahead. Drawing an extra card a turn in Ice is pretty dang good, and Soryu lets you do that. Still pretty keen on this one, currently sat on a 3-of in my Mono Ice build. Ideally you want to not be using the break effect unless you are bleeding literally dead cards from your hand, and you want to put Soryu down with a Celes or Edward to cover it.

9-057L Yiazmat

Yiazmat – 9-057L

I was so hype for this card before the set launched, but I find it much harder to build around than expected, especially with the Opus IX meta shift we have had (where in the best decks, all the 5+ cost forwards are effectively free or end the game on the spot). As such I haven’t played with Yiazmat much, but I’ve played against it a fair bit. Having no built in protection it’s a reasonably easy pop as a priority target, but paired with Rikku (who will soon be banned) and Yuri, it’s got some potential. As an EX burst it’s really good though, and if you have the room is probably worth running just for the Bartz/kill a dude/break a Deathgaze effects it has. Is it worth a legend slot? Honestly, not sure, but it’s big, stronk, and has unique effects so it gets a thumbs up from me. Nidhogg is still my 9 cost of choice!

9-058L Luso

Luso – 9-058L

Say it with me: Luso is the best non-Golbez card in a Golbez deck! If your opponent gets an early break on their own Golbez, and then slams down another forward to get Luso fully online, the amount of pressure it can put on is insane. Not only do you have 5 forwards swinging at you, one of them is a 9k First Strike Brave that does an extra point of damage just by declaring an attack. MOM GET THE SHADOW LORDS.

If you’re running Golbez, you need to consider running this.

9-063L Gabranth

Gabranth – 9-036L

Probably my favourite legend in the set, he can let you toolbox a lot of stuff, especially in top-end heavy decks. Currently running him as a 2 of in an FFVII Fire/Earth deck, which allows me to go into Cecil, Cloud or Barret, with the latter two only costing 4 because of Jessie. Sick. I only have one in full art though, and am absolutely desperate for a second. Gotta live that max rarity life. Basically take my original review and crank it up to 11, I love this card.

9-077L Rydia

Rydia – 9-077L

Rydia is a build-around. Like the next legend in this list, she values you jamming your deck full of massive summons you usually wouldn’t run (especially in Earth): That’s your Raidens, your Bahamuts (Opus 1), Zeromus the Condemner, Ark (maybe?). Rydia has a massive amount of potential, and has had some good showings in Japan. It takes a better deckbuilder than me to build around her, but this card is definitely worth having, especially if you want to run something a bit different. I don’t think we’ve seen the full potential of the card, but I think it won’t be long until someone breaks it.

9-094L Fusoya

Fusoya – 0-094L

My opinion of this one has basically remained entirely unchanged since the initial review, it’s very much a Rydia combo piece that allows you to capitalise off of the massive summons you’re likely running.

9-095L Meia

Meia – 9-095L

I… don’t know where Meia fits within the current game. I don’t think she’s good enough for a slot, especially as her effects outside of just dulling something are a bit average. Lightning is currently jam-packed with good stuff (especially that new Kain, hoo boy), and I don’t think it has the room for this card. Lightning/X also doesn’t seem to be too much of a thing either, at least not in situations that could employ Meia.

9-104L Ultros

Ultros – 9-104L

Ultros is a major pain in the arse, combo it with basically any other card in Water and it’s killing something on attack. Nichol followed by an Ultros attack? 2 things dead. Ultros + Cuculainn? Something dies, draw a card. Fusoya > Cuculainn into an Ultros attack? Please deliver me from this evil. Cagnazzo into an Ultros attack? Lets not think about that. If you’re running a field wipe-y Mono Water deck, you’re probably on this guy. Main criticism of him is he’s either an absolute 0 or 3 of, running 1 or 2 benefits you literally nothing.

9-120L Rosa

Rosa – 9-120L

Opinion on this one hasn’t really changed, outside of how much more resilient that -1k to your forwards makes your board. Stuff like Cagnazzo becomes unreasonably hard to kill. Don’t really want to spend all day reeling off things she’s relevant about as my sentiment is largely unchanged, but her damage replacement ability is far more relevant than I gave her credit for – Rosa’s good.

Wol & Chaos (MOBIUS) – 9-121L & 9-123L

Lumped these two in together as my opinion on them is literally unchanged and I have not seen them played competitively at all.

Just a quick one for today, hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Make sure to follow midgar.blog on facebook, and also check out FFTCG Crystarium for more awesome articles.

Thanks for reading,


Combating burnout & surviving the off-season

Hey guys!

Nationals is done for me now, so I wanted to take a moment to talk to you guys about how I get through the event-light winter (non-tournament) season. After spending the last 7 months or so being competitively focused, trying to get the most out of every build, and spending as much time as possible tweaking, testing and try-harding, it can be really jarring to go back to playing more casually (or god forbid, for fun), so I’m gonna run through a few things that I & the people at my locals to do get through the quieter latter third of the year.

More after the jump.

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News: Rikku 1-089H Banned

So Rikku got her ass banned.

Rikku [1-089H] will be established as a banned card in Standard Constructed Matches. You will be unable to include any copies of this card into your deck. For Limited and Title Formats, its usage will be allowed just as it has been in the past.

Timing of Enforcement

Friday, September 13th, 2019

This decision will be enforced at the same time the “TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET WRAITH VS KNIGHT” is released.


Reasons for the Ban

Due to changes in the game landscape, such as the increased number of cards that can activate characters, the relative strength of Rikku [1-089H] as a card has grown substantially compared to when it was originally released at the time of Opus I. Now, this card by itself allows a player to pare down their opponent’s deck, mitigating the need for multiple cards with effects that allow them to put cards from the deck onto the Break Zone. Consequently, players can readily fulfill a condition of victory that we believe should not be easy – that is, “your opponent becomes unable to draw a card.” Therefore, we have determined at this time that this card will be banned.

It has been only a short period of time since Dadaluma [4-085H] was banned last time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, given that the European Championship, North American Championship, and MASTERS FINAL are all coming up in October, we wanted to address the current situation as soon as possible, and decided to make the announcement in this manner.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Rikku was obviously a powerful card with a tonne of good synergies that enabled a pretty degenerate win condition, but imo alt win conditions are pretty fun in TCGs. I hope if they’re banning Rikku they decide to print some actual alternate win conditions for the game for people that like to play a bit off-beat.

Do you have particularly strong feelings about the ban? Was Rikku the problem? Or were you waiting for this day to come? Let me know in the comments or over on the  Facebook page.


Article Source: https://fftcg.square-enix-games.com/en/news/ban-list-update-september-2019?fbclid=IwAR0Hm7aiVK0ZNeZTLAkNWOPkPyNXqz8U26vYsZ9lcnNmF7ZriR0cnW6gY1Y