News: Rikku 1-089H Banned

So Rikku got her ass banned.

Rikku [1-089H] will be established as a banned card in Standard Constructed Matches. You will be unable to include any copies of this card into your deck. For Limited and Title Formats, its usage will be allowed just as it has been in the past.

Timing of Enforcement

Friday, September 13th, 2019

This decision will be enforced at the same time the “TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET WRAITH VS KNIGHT” is released.


Reasons for the Ban

Due to changes in the game landscape, such as the increased number of cards that can activate characters, the relative strength of Rikku [1-089H] as a card has grown substantially compared to when it was originally released at the time of Opus I. Now, this card by itself allows a player to pare down their opponent’s deck, mitigating the need for multiple cards with effects that allow them to put cards from the deck onto the Break Zone. Consequently, players can readily fulfill a condition of victory that we believe should not be easy – that is, “your opponent becomes unable to draw a card.” Therefore, we have determined at this time that this card will be banned.

It has been only a short period of time since Dadaluma [4-085H] was banned last time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. However, given that the European Championship, North American Championship, and MASTERS FINAL are all coming up in October, we wanted to address the current situation as soon as possible, and decided to make the announcement in this manner.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Rikku was obviously a powerful card with a tonne of good synergies that enabled a pretty degenerate win condition, but imo alt win conditions are pretty fun in TCGs. I hope if they’re banning Rikku they decide to print some actual alternate win conditions for the game for people that like to play a bit off-beat.

Do you have particularly strong feelings about the ban? Was Rikku the problem? Or were you waiting for this day to come? Let me know in the comments or over on the  Facebook page.


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3 thoughts on “News: Rikku 1-089H Banned”

  1. I am all for alternate win conditions, but there needs to be sufficient counters to them. What I hated about a mill deck was that there was almost nothing you could do about it. And because of element and color lock in this game, saying, “use Hill Gigas” isn’t really good advice. That’s an earth card. What if you are playing Fire? Wind? Water? So I hope they make more counters in the game. Also, the players can only blame themselves. A game designer once said, “Players will always find a way to optimize the fun out of a game.” They certainly did that with Rikku, lol.


    1. Another big problem means that a lot of decks swingback mechanics (EX bursts) were literally pointless, as the deck never dealt you any damage, so games could become laughably one-sided. Rikku was a problem card and anyone that doesn’t think so likely isn’t playing the game at a high enough level they’re going to notice the actual impact it’s having on a game.


  2. Oh man I hadn’t even considered the EX burst side of it. My category 7 deck has 30 ex bursts and that’s a huge part of it. Good call sir.

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