Noctis 8-079H – A Card to Watch

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying Opus VIII.

I didn’t want to restart the Card of the Week series again, but there’s a card I really want to talk about that released in the most recent set that I think might not get a huge amount of attention now but could be ridiculously powerful in the future.


If you think there’s even a remote chance you will want to play a Category XV deck in the future, I suggest you pick Noctis up sooner rather than later to avoid a price spike. I’ve been bothering Steve Dolman of the YYT (check them out) about this card, and I figured he was tired of my insane ramblings so I thought I should get something down on paper about how good this guy is.

So Noctis has a pretty good statline, 2 for 5k is enough to ward off any early forward throwdown such as Leila & Viking an early Porom or an opportunistic turn 1 Tifa going for a free point of damage, and he has an S ability for unconditional monster removal (which is likely to become more relevant as we got some really powerful monsters in Opus VIII!)

Noctis’ real strength comes from his auto-ability, which from a surface-level analysis isn’t anything exciting, especially as he only digs two cards into the deck for an FFXV card. This ability comes with a few advantages other similar auto-abilities have not in the past.

  1. What he finds is the same as Noctis’ cost. If you hit with this auto-ability (and if you max out on all the available XV cards in a Water/Earth deck right now, it’s not unlikely) you end up with a 0CP 5k beater, who enables Gladiolus to come down for 2CP 9k. If it hits, you’ve just basically played a Leila & Viking combo, except Leila has been hitting the gym and is now 9k. Yes, that faint sound you hear is me screaming internally.
  2. He digs for an FFXV card. This doesn’t mean anything right now, but it does mean that you will be able to pick up literally anything printed category XV. Most of these “dig x cards into deck” searchers either search for a specific type (usually forward or monster), and other viable searchers such as 5 Cost Steiner search for a character. Noctis will be able to pick up summons once they’re printed. He will get exponentially stronger as more and more cards are printed in the XV category, which is why I think you should be picking this up now rather than later. Right now you can be running a staggering 21 FFXV cards in a Water/Earth decks, so the odds of him hitting are not bad at all, and will only get better.
  3. He himself can be searched – Ignis into Noctis is just nuts, especially as Ignis will be giving Noctis +1k and brave. The value off of this search chain if Noctis hits on his auto is really something worth taking notice of. I mean he’s also a Prince too, so if you’re running Water/Earth you can search him off of Pieuje?
  4. He has an EX burst! – He did not need an EX burst to be good! EX searchers as a rule of thumb are just strong.

Just a bit of a quick rant about how good this card is, and more importantly how good this card is going to be. I strongly recommend if you think you’ll be playing XV in the TCG in the future, that you pick this card up.

Good luck at your upcoming regionals, and thanks for reading!


Deck: Scions with a side of Nachos

Just a quick post to share an early build I’m enjoying from Opus 8 so far!

I was testing this list out last night, Feels really good:

Having a full lineup of scion backups makes Y’shtola and Yda a lot more reliable, and the Warriors of Darkness play really well with them too, if you resolve Alba with your hasty scions on the field it’s game over!

Fordola’s also really good for dispatching Louisoix to free up that slot for your final scion backup.

If you’re thinking of playing scions this set, I definitely reccomend giving this build a look!

What have you guys built so far?

Opus VIII Exclusive spoiler – Basilisk!

It’s that time of year again!

So I’ve been wanting to talk about this to people for quite a while, I got given this quite some time ago and I think it’s gonna actually see a fair bit of play in certain decks. My exclusive spoiler for Opus VIII is Basilisk!


Straight away, Basilisk has some really good synergy with stuff we’ve seen already. He’s searchable off of Mira, Umaro, Kefka, Goblin and Steiner, the latter of which also enables Steiner’s 1k buff to himself due to Basilisk counting as a IX character.

I think we’ll see some play with this card in a Wind/Water monsters deck, using Mira to cycle Basilisk effectively (ideally you don’t want to be paying that 5 cost to get him out every time you can,) and I think his effect is made for that perfectly. The 4k ping isn’t insubstantial these days, and can stretch up for that magic 7k if paired with the commonly played Valefor, or on it’s own can easily dispatch a Viking or Leika, or even something like a Laswell, if you fancied instantly blowing him up.

He can be used as instant removal by popping his action ability against the target that you just dropped 4k on, or you can disincentive attacking by leaving this on board as a thread – being able to break a damaged forward simply by putting this in the break zone is pretty spooky, especially as if you have Mira in play you can replace it instantly (and then smack something for 4k, and break that too if you feel so inclined).

I can really see Basilisk being used for a lot of combo plays, which is what wind/water (or maybe even just wind) plays into anyway, with Valefor, Alhanalem and even pings from Yuri or Chelinka allowing you to take out two forwards with this card comfortably. Play Chelinka, follow up with this, and you’ve smacked everything on the board for 2k and something else for another 4k, and then you have the action ability to break any forward of your choice. For a common, I think this card is extremely good, and depending on what IX cards we see this set could end up being even better than what I’ve written about at time of writing. You could even use it with Fusoya if you’re one of those people. Spot removal off of Wol‘s auto ability! There’s a lot of applications for this card, and I think it’s certainly worth the 5CP it costs to play if used effectively. Ideally aim to always get 2 kills off of this card unless it’s super vital that whatever you ping for 4k dies instantly. At worst it’s a more flexible opus 1 Odin for 1 additional cost (or a cheaper opus 1 7 cost Odin depending on how you look at it), at best it’s a really nice combo piece that can slot into a lot of decks with X/Wind being extremely popular right now.

This could also be used in Lightning Wind to play with effects like Ramuh, as well? I’m sure you guys will think of plenty of creative ways to use this one, it’s certainly a bit more exciting than my last spoiler!

Thanks for reading,