Thanks for 10k! More chapters cards!

Before I get stuck into this article (that was originally intended to be 10 but I think has ended up as a few more?) I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for 10,000 visits to! I’ve only been running this a couple of months, and it’s my first time producing any content like this, and I’m glad that people want to read it. I thought I’d knock out an extra Chapters-centric article to say thanks, as the last one seemed pretty popular!

Unlike last time, these are in no particular order, and are just some cool dudes I’d like to see make the translation from Chapters to the TCG, with tweaking where needed.



Effect: Put Lion in the Break Zone: Choose 1 Forward. It gains Haste until end of turn.

This is the kind of thing I’d like to see more of in the game. After seeing how much better Ninja feels than Red Mage when you’re trying to push through for a bit of damage, I think I’d prefer this to Sage or Goblin, as it’s a good early investment until you need to use it to end a game out of nowhere. Plus Lion was a really cool character in FFXI!

2. Lightning / Snow 

15-110S (1)

Effect: Combination – Lightning (3) / Snow (3)


When Lightning / Snow leaves the Field, you may search for 1 [Job (Knight of Etro)] and add it to the Field.

Gestalt Mode (S), 2 Ice CP, 2 Lightning CP: Search for up to 1 each of Summons [Card Name (Odin)] and [Card Name (Shiva)] and summon them at no cost.

You can remove Lightnings or Snows from the break zone to make this card cheaper when you play it, and the S ability could straight up win you games out of nowhere. I mainly included this because I really like the combination cards, and imagine how good this would look in foil.. swoon. I would assume that this counts as both Lightning & Snow, and by extension the S ability could be used with any Lightning or Snow? I could be wrong on this, I can’t find clarification for it.

3. Titan Prime


Effect: When Titan Prime enters the Field, search for 1 Monster of cost 2 or less and put it on the Field. I you control 4 Earth element Backups or more, also search for 1 character card of cost 3 or less and put it on the Field.

If you control 6 Earth element Backups or more, Titan Prime gains the ability: [When Titan Prime attacks, choose 1 Forward. You may remove it from the game.].

I’m well aware that Titan Prime is in no way balanced at all. If you can get both of his auto effects to fire, you’ve gained so much value off of this card it’s ridiculous. If you get his auto ability on attack firing, and somehow still manage to lose, then well, hats off to you sir. Card is nuts. How you actually get 6 into play is another question, as far as I know Chapters has the same backup limit we do.

4. Ultros


Effect: When Ultros enters the Field, the Power of all Forwards other than Ultros becomes 3000 until end of turn.

1 CP, Remove 1 [Job (Octopus)] in the Break Zone from the game: Choose 1 Forward. It loses 3000 Power until end of turn.

Ultros has a really cool effect, which is about as much fun as his awesome jokes. You can combo his effect for a field wipe with Cyclops, or use it in conjunction with his action ability to snipe forwards off of the field. Also being Category VI, he would fit into tonnes of possible decks as the VI archetype supports itself very well.

5. Bahamut


Effect: War God (Agito Cadet)
Choose any number of Forwards. Remove all cards in all Break Zones from the game. The total damage dealt is 1000 per card removed from the game this way. Divide this damage equally between all chosen Forwards (Rounded down).

The “War God” part of this card is what makes it completely awesome. War God means that you can put a forward of the listed job into the break zone to reduce the cost of the summon by the cost of the forward. What’s less awesome is that we currently don’t have many Agito Cadets, but then again we don’t have this card, so it’s not as if it’s a big deal right now. The second effect is great, too, you should be able to inflict a lot of damage mid-late game with this, and it’ll really set any recursion based decks back by miles. I’d definitely play this if it came out!

6. The Turks (Reno and Rude)

Reno’s Effect: If you control a [Card Name (Rude)] Forward, the cost of Reno in you hand is reduced by 2.

[Overdrive] 1 Lightning CP, 1CP – When Reno enters the Field, reduce the Power of Forwards opponent controls by 4000.

Rude’s Effect: [Card Name (Reno)] Forwards you control gain 1000 Power and Brave.

If you control a [Card Name (Reno)] Forward, Rude gains 2000 Power and can’t Break due to opponent’s effects other than damage.

Added these guys as someone on Facebook said they wanted to see some Turks. Reno and Rude are thematically really on point, they go hand-in-hand and make each other better. There’s not a whole lot to say about them, but they have great art (from FFVII Advent Children), and I’m not going to complain about more FFVII stuff.

(Note: The term “Overdrive” in Reno’s effect refers to an optional enter the field auto ability with a cost.)

7. The Remnants of Sephiroth

Kadaj’s Effect: When Kadaj enter the Field, choose 1 Character opponent controls. Dull it. It doesn’t become Active during its controller’s next Active Phase.

Forwards Broken by Kadaj are removed from the game instead of being put in the Break Zone.

Yazoo’s Effect: [Overdrive] 2 Ice CP – When Yazoo enters the Field, you may search for 1 [Card Name (Loz)] and add it to your hand.

When Yazoo enters the Field, you may put 1 [Card Name (Loz)] from your hand on the Field.

Loz’s Effect: When Loz attacks, choose 1 Forward or Monster. You may Dull it.

I think all three of these guys are great. Yazoo and Loz have some synergy with Weiss, too! Also all three can be sacrificed for Sephiroth (mentioned in my other Chapters article), which is thematically spot on. I think all three are viable, and I certainly think they’d see play.

8. Omega


Effect: When Omega attacks, deal 1 damage to opponent.

When Omega is dealt damage by a Forward, deal 1 damage to that Forward’s controller.

Omega is 100% silly. I only really included him as he is incredibly abuseable with Cinque and/or Jecht, and with either of those out he should win you the game on the spot. I think this card would need some major retuning before it saw the light of day in the TCG. It’d certainly bop Dadaluma on the head nicely though, if they ever decided to ping it down. Good lord. If you attack, and they block, you do 2 points of damage. If you attack, and they don’t block, you do 2 points of damage. If they attack and you block with Omega, you do 1 point of damage.

9. Zeromus

14-089S (1)

Effect: When a character you control leaves the Field due to opponent’s effect other than damage, Zeromus deals 1 damage to opponent.

Big Bang (S),2 Lightning CP, 2 CP, (Dull): Deal 8000 damage to all Forwards other than Zeromus and 1 damage to all players.

I think Zeromus is really interesting, as he punishes spot removal decks. Being Lightning, I could see him really being most effective in the mirror match, or against a bounce-heavy water deck. As soon as Zeromus hits the field, it becomes a completely different game for a lot of decks. It’d finally end Famfrit‘s reign of terror, too!

10. Lady Lilith9-051s

Effect: Forwards opponent controls can’t use Action abilities or special abilities. When Lady Lilith attacks, deal 4000 damage to all Dulled Forwards opponent controls.

The Emperor put on a fancy dress and got a nice auto-ability.  The auto ability combos very well with other Ice/dull ping, such as Cid Raines, Terra, and Glasya Labolas. I could see her being recosted, as she’s very powerful for a 2CP forward, but does have the added benefit of dying to a light breeze, so she’s not quite as oppressive as The Emperor.

11. Xande


Effect: When Xande is put in the Break Zone from the Field, you may search for 1 [Card Name (Cloud of Darkness)] and put it on the Field or add it to your hand.

Meteor (S), 1 Fire CP: Choose up to 3 Forwards opponent controls. Deal them, in order, 6000, 4000 and 2000 damage.

I don’t think Xande’s amazing, but he’s at least a bit more interesting than his FFTCG counterpart. Being able to threaten Cloud of Darkness upon death makes this guy absolutely terrifying, and also is thematically perfect, as Cloud of Darkness makes her appearance in Final Fantasy III when Xande is defeated by the party. Meteor could also be fun when combined with things like Sage or Manasvin Warmech.

12. Yuna


Effect: Summons in your hand cost 1 less. (This can’t become 0.)

Discard 2 Summons: Choose 1 Forward. Break it.

1CP, Discard 1 Summon: Choose 1 Forward. It can’t be chosen as the target of opponent’s effects until end of turn.

I love these effects, and it’s nice to see a Yuna that has some meaningful interactions with summons. I know we got this art already, but I really like this effect, and it’s exactly the kind of effect I’d like to see on a Yuna Legend. The break ability may need a slight retweaking, but losing 2 summons from your hand to break a forward when a specific summon in play doesn’t seem too overpowered unless someone’s built a deck entirely around summon recursion. If I were to change  anything about this card, it’d be to add a dull effect to the second ability, and I’d potentially say to change the cost of the last effect. Other than that I think she’s great, and I’d love to see something with these kind of effects in the game.

Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy in the future.

Thank you all for 10k!

3 thoughts on “Thanks for 10k! More chapters cards!”

  1. Thanks for running such a great blog. I started visiting around the time you started your budget build fridays and have been visiting daily ever since.

    Keep up the great and consistent work!

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  2. Lightning/Snow:
    Lightning/Snow has three names: Lightning, Snow and Lightning/Snow. Both cards named Lightning and cards named Snow can be discarded to pay for its (S) cost and it can be discarded to pay for the (S) cost of cards named Lightning and cards named Snow. It can’t be on the Field at the same time as cards named Lightning and cards named Snow.

    Titan Prime: came out in the same Chapter, which counts as two Backups for Titan Prime’s effect. If you have Kobold and 4 other Backups on the Field, you can activate Titan Prime’s second auto ability.

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