Card of the Week #9 – Maat

This week’s card of the week is the Lord of the level cap, Maat!


If you ever put any time into FFXI, you’ve definitely come across this guy multiple times while you’ve tried to move through the mid-game level caps. Now we have Maat in FFTCG! And he’s okay!

At 8k, Maat is pretty standard body for a soft 4-cost. Maat will most often be searching for either a backup if needed, or any missing part of the Yang/Ursula combo. Maat also has the benefit of turning all of your Monks into Guy, which will help against cards like Amon, Genesis, and Orphan!

There’s not a whole lot to say about Maat in terms of combos and synergies, he’s just great support for the Monk archetype that unfortunately doesn’t see much play.

You can also even search for another Maat if you just want a string of chump blockers, or you want to show your opponent that it’s useless to bother removing the one you have in play. He’s good support designed specifically for one archetype – he’s not so good that he has to go into every Mono Earth deck, but he’s not too specific that he only works with a specific card name. I’d say pick up a playset of this as he costs next to nothing, just incase Monks end up becoming a real contender somewhere down the line. He’s also a super solid pickup off of Star Sibyl, if you’re running her in your particular brand of monk deck. Play Star Sibyl, search for Maat, next turn crack Star Sibyl, play Maat, search for Yang.

Also, if you didn’t catch the link to it before on one of my previous articles, the version of Maat in Chapters was super meme-y.


Effect: You can have as many Maat in your deck as you want.

Bear Killer – (S)(Dull): Choose 1 Forward. Dull it. Deal it 2000 damage for every [Card Name: (Maat)] in your Break Zone.

Having a deck made up mostly of Maats would be actually hilarious, and I really wanted it to be a thing. Maybe we’ll get this version one day, however today is not that day.

I’m rating Maat a “Please let me beat you so I can go back to levelling” out of 10.

(Also, apologies for the lack for articles lately, I’ve lacked inspiration since I’ve come back from holiday, and there’s not really too much more I want to write about in Opus VI, and it’s too early to start going on about opus VII cards. I’m thinking for future card of the Week articles I may start looking at older sets I haven’t written about yet.)

Next week’s article will likely be something from… let’s say Opus III?