Card of the Week #5 – Titan

This week we’re having a look at another one of the Opus VI summons from category VII – it’s Titan!

Titan Opus 6

Now, in his source game, I was certainly not Titan’s biggest fan. He was just a bit pants. That’s not the case here, he’s the literal opposite of pants (…a shirt?). Titan capitalizes on what earth does best, and plays more into the ‘forwards dealing damage outside of combat’ thing that we’ve had so far with Raubahn and Hecatoncheir.

Titan can be used both offensively and defensively, and will usually be letting you remove two forwards for 5 CP – the fact that he’s an EX burst is also nuts, as it’ll usually kill an enemy forward, and stop any further attacks as your forward just got a 2k boost! I found I’ve been using Titan as a 3-of in Mono Earth decks that rely around buffing forwards to stupid power levels, as things like Enna Kros, Ingus and Wol make Titan even better, and you get very efficient removal out of him. Attack with a forward, if it get blocked, buff it with Titan and blow up another thing, it’s fantastic.

It also combos really well with Vermilion Bird l’Cie Zhuyu, as the forward is classed as the source of the damage, not the summon. That means that Zhuyu’s effect will trigger if you use Titan with him – most of the time Zhuyu isn’t blocked. If you want to get a second attack off, after you’ve already swung, cast Titan to blow something up, reactivate Zhuyu and then go in again! Because the forward is also the source of the damage, it also gets around things like Cecil and the damage protection effect from Leviathan, which would normally stop damage dead in its tracks.

I think it’s great value for 5 cost because of its multiple applications, it costs 1 more than Odin or Bahamut, and is arguably better at removing things than them (in terms of potential damage in a typical earth deck, you should be scoring 10k hits with this reasonably reliably) AND it has an EX burst, and unlike Hecatoncheir it doesn’t do damage to your own forward! The only real downside I can see with this card is drawing it early game when you’re not set up, or flipping an EX burst when you don’t have a forward out.

Also, with it being category VII, it’s awesome in the (already strong) VII title format deck!

I’m giving Titan a Big Guy out of Ten.

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