Card of the Week #4 – Ramuh

This card of the week shouldn’t come as a shock, we’re having a look at the majestically-bearded Ramuh from Opus VI!


Ramuh has a staggering 4 effects to choose from for a decently costed 3 CP. I’d say he’s probably one of the most useful lightning summons right now that doesn’t have a massive cost (I still love you Raiden <3). He’s also category VII if title format is your thing.

The first effect is probably the one you will use least, depending on your local meta. Most commonly it’ll be used to blow up Cactuars to try and slow down Cactuar/Dadaluma decks. It can also be used to clear out things like Buccaboo, Gesper and Black Knight. It has some applications but isn’t really where this card shines.

The second effect is way more useful – it can be used either offensively or defensively, and is especially strong when paired with the other two effects on the card. Dulling something to sneak a point of damage through will win you games.

Up third, we have 7k damage to an active forward. At first, this effect is essentially Adrammelech, the Wroth‘s effect but without the EX burst portion. Combine it with the second effect, and you can make Al-Cids in the mirror match extremely un-fun for your opponent. Opponent summons Al-Cid targeting your active forward, respond with Ramuh, dulling your own forward and hitting Al-Cid for 7k – your opponent will lose the Al-Cid, and his effect will not go off, massive value for 3 CP.

The fourth effect is one to close out a game – I don’t use this one too much myself as a lot of things in my deck have haste anyway, but it has won me a few games. You can either ping for 7k and haste something like Seifer to remove a large forward, or you can dull a forward, haste your own forward, and swing for a point of damage.

Ramuh really is a swiss army knife that lightning sorely needed to stay relevant – it won’t help you too much against Ashe + Rasler, but it’s a great addition in almost all other situations. If you’re running the new Arecia Al-Rashia in your deck, you can also pitch this card to search for a big summon when needed, or if you need to use this card to go for game but it’s not in your hand, throw away that 7 cost Odin for Ramuh, haste your forward and win!

Summons with options only make the game more interesting, and I hope that other elements get some love with these too (please give fire a summon with selection options, and don’t make it terrible.)

Except Bismarck, Bismarck can die in a fire.

I’m rating Ramuh a Giant Electric Santa Gandalf out of Ten.

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