Card of the Week #3 – Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna

For this week’s Card of the Week we’ll be having a look at Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna, a 6-cost fire backup from Opus VI.


I’ve found Caetuna has been a real help in mono fire for shoring up against bad matchups (which unfortunately was pretty much everything). While testing, getting her down as early as possible has really helped to put a lot more pressure on your opponent by making your best summons even better. The main thing you will want to play off of it’s auto ability is Bahamut, for a 9k burn with a remove from play effect if the forward you targeted dies, which is really nice considering it’s cast from the deck. By dropping Caetuna early you can really take the wind out of someone’s sails and put them on the back foot early which is what fire needs to do at the moment to stand any chance of winning – early pressure and then aggro aggro aggro.

Because her 1k boost effect is a field effect and not an auto ability as well, she also makes your EX bursts way more lethal. Flipping a Brynhildr for 7k is nice, but flipping a Brynhildr into damage for 8k is almost definitely going to kill something against most decks – it can be a really nice answer to see Ashe die to a Brynhildr EX burst that hits for 8k, so Ashe even with Wakka in play still dies. A little help against water is what fire sorely needed, although you might find you still have trouble with the Minwu backup.

She can also be used with the Opus V Caetuna‘s S ability to wipe board, although I tested (and got really hype) for the last Caetuna and she didn’t work too well. I feel the right amount of Caetuna is 2 of the Opus VI one, and 0 of the Opus V one, unless you’re playing something like Cadets. Even in Cadets, there’s better backup choices than Opus V Caetuna.

Initially I wanted to run this card as a 3 of because of how game-changing it is to fire, but felt that I’d see it all the time and probably end up hating seeing it if I had run more than 2. I don’t think she has a home outside of mono fire with the stipulation that her effect only boosts fire summons – then again I could see her being a little too strong if she was able to boost summon ping damage across all elements, so no complaints from me here.

Caetuna is all about value from her 1k ping, she makes your cheap stuff good and your expensive stuff better – seeing 9k and playing something from the break zone off of Phoenix for 7 is incredibly powerful, and the extra 1k helps you get kills on forwards that have been buffed (or are just big), even if you need to follow them up with things like Dark Lord or Emperor Xande to kill confirm. She can also be used with 9-cost Bahamut to hit 2 things for 11k and remove them from the game, but it’s personal preference whether you’re looking at Bahamut or Phoenix, and I personally prefer the latter.

You can also use her effect to pull Belias, the Gigas from the deck which allows you to sneak some unexpected haste out and get a point of damage in where you otherwise might not have been able to, which I’m sure will have some applications.

This card was also a hoot in sealed because you can pull the new Bahamut out (10/10 art in foil, but that effect makes me physically wretch) and bosh something for 11k, which feels good when everyone’s playing less-than-optimal decks.

Bahamut o5

This card will only get better as more fire cards are released, so I would pick a playset up now while they’re still cheap just incase they become scarcer or suddenly spike in value.

I’m rating Vermilion Bird l’Cie Caetuna an OH GOD EVERYTHING’S ON FIRE out of 10.

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