Card of the Week #2 – Frimelda

Hey all, we’re back with another Card of the Week article, this time we’re having a look at Frimelda, an FFTA2 Lightning forward from Opus VI.

Frimelda Opus 6

With a 4 CP cost and an 8k body, Frimelda at first glance looks like lightning’s version of Opus 1 Firion. Looking a little closer though, she has some nice interactions and improvements over her Opus 1 counterpart. The first main difference comes in her targeting requirements. A welcome change is that she has to pick a forward your opponent controls, unlike Firion she isn’t occasionally compelled to smack herself in the face upon entering play. A slightly less welcome change is that she has to target an active forward, but that is a recurring theme in lightning so it’s not that big of a deal (plus reins in some of the things you can do with her.)

The interesting part in this card comes from the latter half of her ability, which allows her to do more damage the more job Sword Saint you have in play. Currently, we only have two other Sword Saint cards in the game, both of which are named Orlandeau (and both of which don’t really have art that does such a cool character justice, but that’s another thing entirely). There is another – less obvious – Sword Saint, however, that plays perfectly with Frimelda.


If Bartz is in play when you play Frimelda, because his ability to gain jobs is a field ability, he immediately gains the job Sword Saint! Which means your Frimelda is hitting for 8k! This should kill the vast majority of things, and if it doesn’t in a wind/lightning deck you’re already perfectly poised to kill something with either a bit of ping damage or an effect that breaks a damaged forward. Bartz’s interaction with this card is why I didn’t basically pass her over straight away, and why I am really interested in making a build with Frimelda, Bartz, and Orlandeau in.

You could also boost her damage to insane levels if you had a Hashmal, Bringer of Order ready to go, but it’s unlikely that will come up. Now that I’ve said it’s unlikely to come up, I’m really looking forward to getting rekt by it at some point.

She also plays very well with Rygdea & Onion Knight (and by extension Al-Cid, although she cannot be played off of his effect), and with her cost only being 4, it’s not unfeasible to revive her with Zemus‘ effect, especially if you have already played Orlandeau and want to re-use her burn effect.

I can see Frimelda doing pretty well in a deck that’s focused around pinging damaged forwards, more likely to be a Wind/Lightning deck than an FFTA2 deck. She could potentially become more relevant as more Sword Saints appear in the game, but with Sword Saints only appearing in FFTA, FFTA2 (Orlandeau and Frimelda respectively) and Airborne Bridage (speak not of that evil), it’s unlikely we’re gonna see many more that have different names for now.

I’m rating Frimelda a Hi out of 10.

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