Guest Article: Top 5 Cards called Leviathan

Time for a guest article! This one is submitted by Hazel Greaves, the resident Mono Water player of our local meta. Want to submit a guest article? Get in touch with me via the contact link and we’ll sort something out.

FFTCG has only had six sets but some characters have as many different cards, if not more. In this article I’ll be ranking the five cards so far called Leviathan (and everyone makes the top cut!).

Number 5: Leviathan 5-139C


It costs 1CP, it’s an EX Burst, it returns a forward to its owner’s hand, sounds good so far! What kills this card is its requirement that the forward’s cost is equal to or less than the cards in your hand. Particularly in this Ice-heavy meta it’s likely this card isn’t going to be able to bounce your opponent’s biggest hitter, if not be completely useless, especially as it’s not counted in your hand when you cast it. For two more CP, or just one more CP if you’re playing Yuna 1-177R, you can play Leviathan 1-178R and bounce (almost) anything, guaranteed.

Number 4: Leviathan 4-143R


If you want to bounce your own forwards with this Leviathan you also get a bonus bounce of one of your opponent’s. This can work great to re-use effects that activate when they enter or leave the field, like the Vikings to get some cheeky draws. Unfortunately it isn’t always the time for that so seeing this come into the damage zone can be a painful choice between choosing not to resolve an EX Burst, or inconveniencing your opponent at the cost of your own field. It also can’t activate if there’s no target on one side of the field. It has its place is some decks, but probably not many.

Number 3: Leviathan 2-140C


Prior to Opus VI this Leviathan would have been my top pick. It’s a cheap summon that can easily swing the outcome of combat. In a mono-Water deck this will boost your whole field and if you’re playing Garnet 129L you get a 3k boost to everyone. For 1CP! But the mirror match, oh the mirror match. This Leviathan boosts all Water Forwards, including your opponents. Against Fusoya 2-146H decks this can move your Forwards just out of range of being broken, causing your opponent to take a damage for no benefit. But I think this card has been completely superseded by Siren 6-117C. It’s much better in the mirror and usually having one HUGE Forward rather than a field full of big ones is just as good, particularly with Minwu 1-171H.

Number 2: Leviathan 1-178R


The original Leviathan is a nice, straightforward card. 3CP, return a Forward to its owner’s hand, with an EX Burst. Water doesn’t really do break effects and bouncing is how it deals with the opponent’s Forwards. It can stop the opponent’s push for game, save a forward of yours from losing a battle, or move an opponent’s defender out of the way. It’s only real drawback is that there’s quite a lot of forwards you don’t really WANT back in your opponent’s hand, like Locke 4-048L or Genesis 3-033L.

Number 1: Leviathan 6-125R


This Leviathan has a Swiss Army knife of useful effects to choose from. It can do everything Leviathan 1-178R can do (except EX Burst), or cancel an Action Ability or prevent your Forwards from receiving Summon damage. It feels good to use this to stop your opponent’s Backup effects that involve breaking themselves, because not only do they not get some very potent effects, they’re also down a Backup and often have paid resources too. I’m still waiting for a Water Summon that prevents my Forwards from being chosen by other Summons (so I can stop getting wrecked by Raiden), but preventing Summon damage is also going to come in useful in some games and isn’t really an effect worthy of its own card. Like Bismarck, I’m sure it’s going to hurt to see this flip over into the damage zone but with cards like the new Eiko 6-109R it’s now a bit easier to reach into the deck and get them out when needed. I like it.

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